Achieve Your New Smile Faster with PROPEL Accelerated Orthodontics! 

At Choonara Orthodontics, we want our patients’ orthodontic treatment to be as efficient, convenient and pleasant as possible. Whether your child is seeing us for traditional metal braces or you want appearance and health of your own smile, we want you to enjoy the experience of achieving your most perfect smile. Our staff stays on the cutting-edge of new orthodontic trends and techniques, which is why we’re proud to be the first practice in the entire country to offer Propel Accelerated Orthodontics. 

What is PROPEL Accelerated Orthodontics?

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Instead of relying only on braces, aligners or other orthodontic appliance to move the teeth, we utilize the innovative PROPEL system to stimulate the growth of the jawbone. By tapping into the patient’s own biology, we can stimulate the bone around the teeth to move the teeth faster than what is traditionally possible with braces or aligners alone.

With PROPEL, patients can significantly reduce the time they have to spend wearing orthodontic appliances. SInce PROPEL reduces treatment time  by approximately 50 percent, patients choosing this option can enjoy having fewer orthodontic appointments for more convenient treatment. 

How PROPEL Works

Dr. Choonara creates tiny micro-pierces in the jawbone near each tooth where advanced movement is desired, using a disposable, one-time use device. This device comes with a built-in, adjustable depth dial to assist Dr. Choonara in precisely controlling how deep the small surgical steel tip penetrates. With its ergonomic design, he has complete control over the device, resulting in a procedure that is virtually painless. The entire procedure only takes a few short minutes to complete, making it a small time investment for achieving a perfectly healthy and attractive smile faster than ever before possible.

Is PROPEL Right For You?

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If you are thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment to improve your smile and want to spend as little time as possible wearing braces or aligners, PROPEL may be the ideal orthodontic treatment option for you! With PROPEL, your teeth will move faster into their ideal positions while the surrounding tissue heals rapidly, to help you obtain your new smile quickly, efficiently and conveniently. And since there is no recovery time, you can return to your normal daily routine as soon as Dr. Choonara is finishes providing you with PROPEL treatment.

Contact Your Local Johannesburg Orthodontist

If you have any questions about PROPEL or any of our treatment options, please call our office at (011) 678-8090. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Choonara, please request an appointment today. We specialize in a variety of treatment options, including Invisalign and we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that works best for you. 

We proudly serve the local Johannesburg area, but also see patients from Randburg, Sandton, Midrand and surrounding areas. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve the straight and healthy smile you deserve.